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Watching TV – Rising Trend

Average number of television per household in United States is around 3 and increasing day by day. According to the USAToday, there has been only 1 TV in the majority of homes in past 20 years, so that`s really big increase in just few years. It seems there is also big increase in offer of different TV channels, TV networks, TV shows, informative programs, entertainment, health, beauty, fashion, religious, music and sport content. One decade ago there were mostly only informative programs and newscasts available. Nowadays it seems a bit different: people watch most TV shows, movies and entertainment content.

Watch TV online or over cable?

Watch TV online is another trend which rises every day more and more. It`s service where you can watch TV on computers or mobile devices and offers you most popular tv channels wherever and whenever you are. The main reasons why people more likely watch tv online in opposition as watching cable TV are definitely costs. Most online tv providers offer watching tv for free while cable providers usually charge few bucks per month for their service. It seems that online TV providers give users bad user experience or lower quality content, but it`s not true. For example: offers more than 200 channels available 24/7 whenever you are and wherever you are because you need only internet connection. Online TV is not based on location which is definitely the best for people abroad.